Michael Zook, M.Ed.
Beginning at Stephen F. Austin in Radio/TV and advertising, Michael quickly brought his creativity and ingenuity to the world of children. Shortly after graduating in 2006, he worked at the national headquarters for Radio Disney writing and editing commercials. In the public schools, he began subbing in a variety of classes with special needs students and continued his work as a teaching assistant for two years in a self contained classroom for students with Autism. His love for students with special needs fueled his career as a self-contained teacher moving into a program for resource students for the next three years.
Drawing closer to his values, Michael and his wife were called to work as missionaries in Taiwan. During this year, he continued his work as a teacher and taught English as a second language to Taiwanese students. Upon his return to the United States, he quickly returned to the classroom as a Co-Teacher and began his Master’s in Autism Intervention.
Finishing his Master’s in 2015, his skills were constantly sharpened and shaped around the practicality of his work. In his desire to influence more students outside of his classroom, Michael became an Instructional Coach for elementary, high school and at the regional level. He has served students as an administrator, serving both as an elementary Assistant Principal and then Principal. Most recently, he has continued as an educational leader through his work as a District Interventions Program Coordinator.
Principal EC-12 
Special Education EC-12
Generalist EC-6
ESL Supplemental EC-12
Generalist 4-8
Restorative Discipline Level I (RDP)
Enterprise Design Thinking: Practitioner
T-TESS Appraiser
Leadership Coaching Level 1
Advancing Educational Leadership (A.E.L.)
The Mandt System
Sheltered Instruction
Crisis Prevention Institute (C.P.I.)
HB3 Reading Academies Certified
HB3 Reading Academies Cohort Leader Screener
Capturing Kids Hearts (CKH)
Bambrick-Santoyo Coaching Model
Campus Distinctions Earned
Rio Vista Elementary (Principal) 2022 
-Comparative Academic Growth
Mary Moore Elementary (Assistant Principal)
-2019 Comparative Academic Growth

AISD Service Award (10 years)
Fun Facts
Born to a career soldier, Michael grew up all over the United States and spent many of his formative years in Germany. His love of outdoors grew by camping and skiing with his family all throughout his childhood. Living in Germany between the ages of four and six, he quickly learned the value and intricacies of other cultures. His intrigue with others' way of life continued as he grew older. When living in Germany in his high school years, he traveled about Europe soaking up this diversity. His days were spent walking the walls of Rothenburg, playing soccer with his friends, serving on mission trips in the Czech Republic and Greece, traveling through the Chunnel to England, cross country and downhill skiing in the Alps, and even convincing his mom to go parasailing off a mountain! He not only enjoyed experiencing and appreciating enriching experiences, but it was clear he had a passion for sharing these joys with others!
In 2002, Michael went to college back in Texas and proceeded to travel to do missions in Yosemite National Park where he continued exploring his love of the outdoors. Amidst the stunning views and constant backpacking and hiking, Michael learned to rock climb eventually climbing Half Dome (the easiest way possible). Back at school, he continued to seek new thrills racing mountain bikes and road-tripping with his friends every chance he got. As college came to a close, he moved back out to Yosemite to serve as a guide and helper to the missionary there. Following the summer, he moved back to Texas where he continued to rock climb and travel with friends eventually backpacking the Grand Canyon.
Once married, Michael continued with his wife skiing in Colorado and traveling through Germany and Austria. Eventually, their love of travel and missions led them to move to Taiwan to be missionaries and teach English. Whether they were enjoying some mango shaved ice or riding their scooter to see the wild monkeys on Monkey Mountain, there was always something exciting happening.
After a year, the couple moved back to the United States and started their family. They have continued to travel taking their children to explore the States impressing upon them a deep founded appreciation for God’s beautiful creation. In addition to family trips, Michael enjoys backpacking and was able to complete 70 miles of the Appalachian Trail with his father. With the nature of exploration driving him, Michael will always seek out adventure both in the big and small.
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