Hadrian's Purpose
Open your imagination to Hadrian’s world where the confusion of true purpose is made clear. Explore the values that make us who we truly are. Are we here to serve ourselves? Take the opportunity to discuss selflessness, true purpose, and a giving heart as you travel through this whimsical tale. 30 Pages. Both paperback and eBook available for purchase on Amazon. Free activity pages, audiobooks, and information on the original bilingual version below.
Hadrian's Purpose, Bilingual 1st Edition, 2018
Hadrian’s Purpose, the bilingual 1st edition, is the same original story in English with translation into Mandarin Chinese (including Bopomofo and Pinyin). Copies are available in Taiwan through our Taiwan sales representative. For more information, please contact me.
1st Edition, Bilingual Version Audio Books:

Hadrian's Purpose - English Audio Book

Hadrian's Purpose - Chinese Audio Book

Michael and his family traveled to Taiwan in 2019. Here they are visiting an elementary school in Fongshan to share the book with students studying English as a second language.

Author Bio
Building copy and radio content shaped Michael’s quick-witted and naturalistic writing style early on in his career. His uncanny ability to form complex topics into realistic and easily communicable messages provided his avenue into a variety of writing work. Early on, Michael wrote and edited commercial scripts at Radio Disney’s national headquarters working with the top talent in the business to sharpen his eye for poignant and exciting content. He continued his work for several radio series pilots working closely with clients to build creative content for their work. 
Creating material in a variety of styles, Michael has written several children’s works and has published his very first book. The work “Hadrian’s Purpose” was crafted to facilitate healthy conversations between adults and children, and it was translated into Chinese to meet the needs of the bilingual populations he had worked with in Taiwan. 
Michael looks to continue to expand his portfolio through writing collaborations, continuation of his children’s work, and educationally driven material. Aspiring to hone his craft and instill the love of literature and writing in others, Michael continues to strive to serve others through his work.
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