Open your imagination to Hadrian’s world where the confusion of true purpose is made clear. Explore the values that make us who we truly are. Are we here to serve ourselves? Take the opportunity to discuss selflessness, true purpose, and a giving heart as you travel through this whimsical tale. This bilingual book includes English and Mandarin Chinese (with Zhuyin/Bopomofo and Pinyin). 30 Pages.

NEW 2nd edition coming 2020 with updated artwork.


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Why did we publish the bilingual version of Hadrian’s Purpose?

Our Goal – In 2018-19, proceeds from the sale of this book helped fund our 2019 summer mission trip to Taiwan! Iniatially, Hadrian’s Purpose was a fundraiser and is now a way to share a unique story about purpose.

Our Story – Our love of travel has always taken us places, but one desire we had after we got married was to serve Christ overseas either short term or long term. We weren’t really sure where to start. In 2010, God opened a door for us to explore that possibility. That fall, we had the privilege of meeting IMB missionary couple, Mike and Carolyn Miller (pictured left), who were staying in our church’s mission house in Texas. They were stateside for a few months, and one Sunday they visited our young adults Sunday school class. They shared about Taiwan and their ministry over there, and we were definitely excited to hear about it. Mike and Carolyn told us about the opportunity we could have to teach English in Taiwan and support ourselves while ministering alongside the church there. We learned a lot about Taiwan in the weeks following that day. Through much discussion and prayer, we took a leap of faith. We showed up in Kaohsiung, Taiwan the next summer. At first, it was a whirlwind of culture shock, but we soon got settled in thanks to the Millers and many new friends that we are so blessed to know.

Taiwan has a cool saying, “Taiwan Touch Your Heart.” You can find it on t-shirts, bumper stickers, and billboards. The saying is true. We met some wonderful people. We were welcomed. We saw some amazing scenery and ate some delicious (and different) food. The country, the people, the experience touched our hearts, but God ultimately changed our hearts. We discovered so much about ourselves and who we were made to be in Christ. We learned so much about the people we were serving and to look beyond ourselves. We realized God was molding us and put us in a place where we could grow, stretch and change for his purposes.

After serving a year in Taiwan, we returned to the States to start a family/return to school. We dreamed for a long time about publishing one of Michael’s stories. This particular story was written and illustrated in 2015 after returning from Taiwan, and it felt like the right time to make it come to life. We wanted to share it with our American friends as well as with our Taiwanese friends. Because of that, it became a bilingual book that our Taiwanese friend Maddy (pictured left) was graciously willing to translate. Although publishing the book was a lot more work than any of us could have imagined, we are excited to share it with you! We want to thank everyone who was involved in the translating, proofing, and formatting process. We appreciate all of your support! We hope that many are blessed through the publishing of this book.

Audio Books

Hadrian's Purpose (English Audio)

by Michael Zook

Hadrian's Purpose (Chinese Audio)

by Maddy Xie