One school year has passed, and it it is hard to remember some of the low points and recall the highlights. Why is it that we only have a vague sense of what has happened? It is the imprint of the things that remain that impact our future and our decision making.

How do we manage what imprints on our person? In what ways can we examine what shapes us and ensure that the path we are driving turns the directions we need to go?

Initially, managing your daily reflective process forms your perception of your world. We all do this in some way or another. Remember what you were dying to tell your good friends or spouse as soon as you saw them? Those things are positive or negative and shape the world you see. What words come out of your mouth to your closest of companions? Take the time to think about how you expel your thoughts to others. ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS, frame your thinking to view the future and what needs to happen next. No matter what has happened, positive or negative, looking for the right way to move forward allows you to be ready for success and positive outcomes.

Reflecting on larger chunks of time ensures that the ideals you desire to embody are truly what shapes your character and directs your emotional responses. I strongly suggest you take time to journal, work with a coach, or list things that have impacted you consistently.

If you are upping your reflective game, then you really can manage what impact your experiences have on your life. Be truthful to how you feel and where you want to go. As you work through life’s ups and downs, you will become more of who you need to be and who you desire to be!